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TALGA 2019 CONFERENCE 20th, 21st & 22nd March 2019 Port Arthur, Tasmania

We are working towards the Tasmanian Conference for next year. If any member has any ideas/suggestions for guest speakers and/or sponsors please contact any Board Member.


JENS VOLKMANN, Richmond Lavender, Charles Reuben Estate, Tea Tree, Tasmania has accepted a position on the Board.
This position was made vacant with Anna Tyson stepping down after many, many years on the Board. Anna will continue her association with TALGA as a Consultant.

The Mini Conference was a great success with 31 attendees of whom at least 10 were not members yet.
Neville and Gillian Henderson and daughter Emma, Pastoria Lavender, were wonderful hosts providing a lovely spread of food, wine, morning/afternoon tea.

Neville keeps his plants and machinery in tiptop condition and this impressed everyone.

The distillation session worked out very well with Neville doing the first charge on his still and whilst that was happening Danielle White and Carolyne Wakefield did a dual presentation with Daniell’s Alembic still. This wasdemonstration only and perhaps just as well because we were starting to run a little overtime for the AGM.

Neville gave me 6 oil samples for GC testing and I’ve had a sniff – very nice oils!! If he puts these in to the Oil Comp next year I can predict he will be a winner!
Thank you to our wonderful hosts for making it another memorable Conference.

Fiona Glover Secretary

2018 Conference Delegates

2018 Conference Delegates

Bronwyn Williams
Email to Bronwyn your text and pictures of upcoming events/products for her to upload to our social media.
A great source to make use of. And it’s free.
E:brickies@primus.com.au Mob: 0407502242


17 samples of oil have been sent off for GC testing. Grower’s will be waitingwith interest to see their results.


If all members could please put together a piece for the Annual Journal it would be appreciated. Your ALR will be in touch with you shortly to gather together all reports from your region/state.
For some ideas for your article have a look at previous Journals. We will be able to include some photos.

Q& A

If any members have a question regarding lavender please forward to a Board Member and we will endeavour to have an answer for you.


We would like to put together a General Directory list for Australian wholesalers of plant and equipment (sieves, sickles etc). We regularly receive enquiries from old and new members so this directory would give us a go to place for information that we can then pass on.
To have a comprehensive list we would need input from the membership Please forward known suppliers to me at kpkelly27@gmail.com

Q & A and the General Directory can only work with input from members.


Oh what joy, we finally got some of that wet stuff last weekend. Nothing to write home about mindyou, but a TALGA Enews April break in the season nonetheless. I’m one of those nutters that can’t wait to walk in therain, jump in puddles, ride my bike, or simply sit on the deck and watch raindrops tumble down.

Prior to last weekend we hadn’t had a good soak since long before Christmas and I often bemoan the fact to T. He’s one of these mobile phone addicts and looks up the weather. “There’s a 75% chance of precipitation around 3pm tomorrow and a 5% chance of precipitation………” “what” I say, “you mean it might rain.”

We chose to drive to Melbourne for the mini conference because I love to check out the country towns on the way. The colours and people in rural Australia always delight me. Being so dry the Pink Lake at Dimboola on the Western Highway was bright pink in huge contrast to the dry, grey paddocks surrounding it. And calling into an isolated country pub fordinner I asked to see the menu. “No food today” I was told. “Oh why’s that then?” “she don’t cook chooosdeys”.

Neville & Gillian Henderson hosted a field day at their property in the Macedon Ranges for the conference. TALGA Enews April What a beautiful spot and the first time I have seen this part of the country. Part of the attraction of being a TALGA member is visiting properties around Australia to gain an insight into how a lavender enterprise works in different environments. We always come away enthused and revitalized. Not to mention an excellent lunch, generous hosts, helpful information and stimulating company. An opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Just when you think nature can never recover from drought, drying winds, bushfires, thirsty kangaroos, rabbits, wild bees – a sprinkle of rain comes down. The air is filled with the scent of the bush and within a day or two tinges of green appear around the place. In my home garden a second flush of lavender flowers have appeared – you see needn’t have worried after all.

I hope the elements have been good to you in your part of the world

Kind regards Christine Hitchen

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We also have a discount for some of our 20-hour courses for TALGA members. Receive 30% off some of our 20-hour short courses. Enter the promo code TALGA2018 to receive 30% off the following short courses:

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Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums

The Australian Women’s Leadership Symposiums are a national series of events focused onthe experiences of women leaders in the contemporary workforce.
Taking place in every state and territory capital between May and August, the Symposiums are an unparalleled gathering of the best and brightest female talent. Keynote speakers for 2018 include Gail Kelly, Professor Gillian Triggs, Nova Peris OAM OLY, Jessica Rowe AM, Ita Buttrose AO OBE, Katrina Webb OAM, The Right Hon Dame Jenny Shipley and many, many more.

The principal themes that will be tackled at this year’s events include:

  • Resilience within the workplace
  • Enabling women to lead
  • The power of networking
  • Being bold, being brave, being new
  • Leading through change
  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

An attendance discount of 25% is currently available to TALGA members, by entering code ANSY18 at the time of booking (available until each Symposium sells out). For more information and to book: www.wia.edu.au/symposium<httpL//www.wla.edu/symposium>

Alistair Young
Women & Leadership Australia

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