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Do you offer wholesale? 2014-06-30T10:11:36+00:00

Wholesale is available to current members and retail outlets. If you are a current TALGA member then you will benefit from special membership pricing. To order the Scentimeantal Collection at wholesale prices simply complete the form below that pertains to you:

Wholesale Order Form (members only)
Wholesale Order From (non-members)

What if I want to return or exchange a purchased product? 2014-04-22T13:56:09+00:00

Our Customer Care Returns Policy will answer any questions you have, if not contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

Are your products Australian Made 2014-05-30T03:39:06+00:00

Our products are licensed under the Australian Made Campaign, made from Australian grown lavender oils and flowers. For individual product information please visit the product page to view further details.

How can I expect to receive my goods? 2014-05-30T03:41:43+00:00

All goods are sent using Australia Post in trackable post bags/parcel.

How soon can I get my order? 2014-04-04T02:12:43+00:00

Orders for In Stock items will be dispatched within 5 working days. Your order will be shipped once:

  1. Payment has been approved.
  2. The shipping/billing address has been verified.
How much will I be charged for postage? 2014-06-30T10:13:04+00:00

We understand that postage can add up so we have made it easy for our Australian customers by having one flat rate. Our warehouse is located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria so the postage is calculated for this location. Before you submit your order the postage will be itemised so you can approve it prior to making the purchase. For International orders please contact us so we can calculate the shipping costs depending on the country of destination.

Where do you ship to? 2014-06-30T10:22:09+00:00

TALGA can ship to anywhere in Australia for online orders. For International orders please contact us directly for shipping costs.

How will I know that you have received my order? 2014-06-11T11:52:56+00:00

After you place your order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received. This does not mean your order has been accepted by us. Once your PayPal transaction/credit card has been approved, the receiving address has been verified, and the item has been located, your order will be accepted and the item shipped.

Can I contact someone by phone? 2014-06-30T10:19:43+00:00

Yes you can, however, even though we endeavour to be available, TALGA is a not for profit organisation which mean our staff are volunteers, so you may need to leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as it is convenient.

What payment methods do you accept? 2017-10-08T18:24:19+00:00

We accept direct deposit and cheque payments

How do I know if an item is in stock? 2014-04-04T01:55:13+00:00

If an item is not in stock it will specify that it is Sold Out. Although we restock quite regularly some products are very popular. If you find an item that is out of stock and would like to pre-order it, please contact us.

How do I make a purchase? 2014-06-11T12:05:26+00:00

Shop by browsing through our website and use your credit card details via PayPal/PayPal account or direct deposit at check out.

Is there a TALGA membership group in my state? 2014-06-30T10:24:35+00:00

TALGA members in some areas have formed Area Groups. The members get together to share their experiences and knowledge of lavender growing for their mutual benefit.

To find out if there is such a group in your area simply click this link for a full list of TALGA Area Liaison Representatives. These contacts will point you in the right direction.

How do I become a member? 2014-06-30T10:25:20+00:00

We recommend that you check out our membership page that will give you all the details you need to apply for TALGA membership.

What are the benefits of membership? 2014-04-04T01:33:44+00:00
  • Active communication channel that aims to promote lavender opportunities
  • Farm/organisation website listing
  • Exclusive products made with Australian Lavender oils at wholesale pricing
  • Lavender Trail – tourist initiative. Your farm can be listed and promoted through us, this can potentially increase profits through increased visitors.
  • Networking – share knowledge and expertise through our information exchange program
  • Annual conference – invitation to join us and learn from industry experts
  • Members newsletter – keeping you up to date with “All things lavender”.
  • Helpful lavender tips
Why do I have to apply to be a member? 2014-04-04T01:34:36+00:00

At TALGA we encourage and welcome new members that will benefit from our exclusive services and bring their own knowledge and expertise to the team. The application process ensures that the membership list is genuine therefore these services and the facilitation of information will be protected and valued.

How much does membership cost? 2016-11-05T11:18:24+00:00

Click here to view our annual membership pricing table.

Do you provide an annual report? 2014-04-04T01:42:10+00:00

We certainly do. After the Annual General Meeting (AGM) we go straight into production to endure quality content in a professional format. Once this is completed we post a copy to each member.

Can I get assistance from someone that is located in my state? 2014-06-30T10:27:40+00:00

You certainly can. TALGA has amongst its members, Liaison Officers, who are located throughout Australia. TALGA members and other interested lavender growers can contact these members in regards queries relating to membership, lavender growing or members and activities within their region.