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TALGA is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of the Australian lavender industry. We are operate in the following manner

  • A Board consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Directors. Board members choose, or are nominated to carry out, specific additional duties (Oil Standards, Conference, Editorial, Marketing responsibilities etc). Financial members are encouraged to contact board members directly with any suggestions or concerns. Full contact details are available on the members only page.
  • The Public Officer is an appointed position and currently is a Board member.
  • The Board are elected annually at the AGM. Members hold their position for 2 years and resign on a rotation basis, to maintain continuity of information.
  • The Board meets approx 3 times per year face to face and utilises phone link when applicable and email constantly.
  • The constitution is held by ASIC.
  • Several membership classifications exist to meet the current needs of TALGA members and to encourage a broader membership. Full details are available on the membership page.
  • From time to time we second specialist people to the Board to seek expertise in specific fields.
  • We have a number of nominated Area Liaison Representatives to respond to “localised” questions; they are also encouraged to support anyone if they specialise in a particular subject.
  • Because we are a national body we offer our voting members proxy voting rights at Annual General Meetings.
  • All Board members and ALRs sign a confidentiality agreement.

Reciprocal Member Associations

IAAMA. Secretary, Maxine Kohn email info@iaama.org.au

NZLGA. Secretary, Charlotte Brown email cdbrown@clear.net.nz

USLA. President, Mike Neustrom email info@uslavender.org